As fourteen-year-olds, Tyra Orgill and Sander Morrison met at their school’s orchetyra-sander-piano-crpstra class where they quickly realized that they both have a similar taste and style for music. They began playing impromptu pieces together for their classmates on various occasions. They also performed ‘O Come Emmanuel’ in school and church events. Six months after meeting, these two have arranged several songs together and have many more in the works. Their name, ‘Enliven’, stems from their desire to “enliven” other souls and their desire to inspire others through their music. Enliven, as a music group, makes music that comes straight from the heart.

Tyra Orgill has been playing the piano since she was 7 years old and has been composing her own music since she was 12. Sander has been playing the cello for two years. They both play multiple instruments. Tyra also plays the harp, organ, and a bit of the violin, flute, and guitar. Sander also plays the piano and the guitar. They were both inspired by great musicians to begin playing (musicians such as The Piano Guys, Rachmaninoff, Bogdan Ota, Chopin and more). They both feel that part of their mission in life is to create music that stirs hearts and helps people feel closer to God.

Sander has always LOVED music! As a child he would dance and bop to any rhythm he heard. At age 11 he received a guitar and started lessons along with his parents. Sander surpassed his parents’ musical talent and theory skills within about one month! Upon entering 7th grade he decided to join the orchestra. Sander wasn’t sure which instrument he wanted to learn to play. He went to an “instrument petting zoo” they held at their school. As he came across the cello his whole face lit up and he knew that was the instrument he wanted to learn next; he had always enjoyed watching The Piano Guys and thought they were inspiring, especially Steven Sharp Nelson, which he feels has had a huge impact on his choice of the cello. That very day Sander and his mom went to the nearest local music store and picked out a cello. Sander decided he would pay for it himself. Month after month he made his cello payment by helping neighbors in their yards, babysitting, cleaning up garbage after concerts, etc. He earned he whole cello by himself! And of course, while paying for his cello he enjoyed practicing everyday. Never has Sander been told to practice, because of his love for music it is a pure enjoyment for him. During the Christmas season of 2014 Sander’s local church congregation needed a special musical number. His mother timidly volunteered to play the piano, because she is extremely terrified of playing music in front of others she asked Sander to play his cello with her for the piece. The catch was that there was no cello part written for the piece. Sander gladly helped his mother out by making up his own cello part and accompanying her. This was the beginning of many of his own compositions. Sander feels music deeply in his soul and we are so happy that he can now share his gift with the world!